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What technology does the 100- use?

The underlying platform is a Raspberry Pi built using Broadcom chips - the same chips in smart phones.

It uses the concept of a Captive Portal or Walled Garden, where the users have to first log in to access the internet.

Do any router settings need to be changed?


What Guarantees do you offer?

Satisfaction guaranteed. Try the product for a week and if not satisfied return it for a full refund.


We have offices in Beijing, China and San Francisco, USA. Shipping costs will depend on where you are relative to either one of our offices.

Data Backups

Its possible to export all your data in CSV format. To do so log in as admin, go to the home page and export.

How do the guests access the pages?

Different browsers and OSs are different.

On most phones (including iPhones, Lenovo, Mi ..), when a guests joins your wifi, the browser will ask them to log in. At this time the user is directed to your pages.

On some phones (Older Samsung and Oppo), the user will have to enter 100-here.com in the URL address bar or scan the QR code (see below) for the local web server.

What kind of pages can be created?

The software is highly configurable. There are 4 kinds of pages.

  • Items - contain an image of the item, name of the item, short description, price, whether enabled. The image can be clickable that opens a detailed page. The detailed page contains a larger image, item description and item detail text. All the contents can be turned off or on. For example its possible to not use images, descriptions and detailed page. The items are arragned in categories and displayed as tabs.
  • Order - This contains the orders placed by the customer. There are three modes. The first where the customer can just select but not place any orders eg. Salon customers who browse the styles and want to discuss the options with the stylist. The second where the customer can place orders individually. eg. Speciality stores. The third where customers can form tables and order as a group. eg. Restaurants
  • Blog - Great for creating periodic articles
  • Guest Entries - Very useful where customers can leave their experiences and photos. This can be used for store promotion
  • General - These are suitable for About Us, Information pages
Click here to look at the different kinds of pages.

Will my router work with the 100- ?

To the best of our knowledge all modern routers are supported. In rare cases, the routers may need their firmwares to be updated to fix bugs and security issues.

I want to offer Wifi without the need to log in

No problem. The internet policy is configurable. Following options are available:

  • Choice of Encrypted network versus open network
  • Choice of password required or not
  • Choice to display password prominently or not. In the case of an encrypted network the password will appear at the end of the SSID. eg. 100-JacksGrill_pword_12345678. In the case of an open Wifi, the password will apeear in the log in page.
  • Need to log in, then can leave your pages and internet will still work
  • Need to log in then one of your pages has to be open for internet access

After log in, if the customer closes the page, how can she return to my pages later?

This can be accomplished in 2 ways.

  • Entering 100.here in the url address bar
  • Scanning the QR code below

    (This will only work if the user is on your Wifi as it points to the local network). Feel free to print the above QR code and place it in convenient places.
    You can also create custom QR code with your logos using the QR code generators on the internet. The content should be Here is one that we use goqr.me

What if I have problems?

In case of a problem, log in to our system at www.100-xyz.com and set the mode as safe mode. Then restart your the 100. The safe mode allows you to reset your Encrypted password should you have forgotten it. It also allows you to upgrade your software.

If that does not work, please drop us a message with an exact description of your problem, the 100 type and your user name.

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