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Recent additions - Beijing

[CLOSED] Bar 4 Nine
Location: Andingmen-安定门
Some of Beijing's most creative cocktails can be found at this Andingmen venue. TCM ingredients are used to give many of the signature cocktails a thrillingly authentic lao Beijing flavor, while classic cocktails like Moscow Mules and Sazerac are also readily available. NOTE: After 10pm the downstairs restaurant closes, so ring the bell on the lefthand side and the owners will buzz you up, 

[CLOSED] Baozza
Location: Sanlitun-三里屯
Take-away and delivery location for Baozza: the city's only baozi with pizza stuffing.    Among the many great culinary offerings of China, the baozi is one of the least remarkable: a big thick bun, the same dubious “meat” filling. This recipe has remained unchanged for centuries, with most chefs mistaking a lack of innovation for venerable tradition. Now someone’s taken a look at the tired and

[Closed] Bang! Bang! Pizza
Location: Shuangjing / Dongsihuan-双井东四环
This popular Shuangjing bar features a menu of pizza and other snacks, along with a beer selection that includes both cut-price local draft and imported craft beers for the more discerning beer-drinker. Live sport is regularly screened on the TVs, and pizza delivery is available. We visited a friend in shuangjing and she took us to Bang Bang. The arabita pasta was decently done.The garlic bread

[CLOSED] Awfully Chocolate
Location: Lido-丽都

[CLOSED] Alla Osteria
Location: Soho Shangdu-Soho 尚都
A tasteful and unpretentious choice for delicious Piemontese style Italian cuisine. Try the melt-in-your-mouth agnolotti burro e salvia (RMB 48), or the gamberoni croccanti con tortino (RMB 118) – succulent prawns with saffron and champagne sauce. Management claims that all produce is home grown and three-course set lunches cost RMB 68. There is an extensive wine list and the venue features its o

[CLOSED] Ahava Bistro and Cafe
Location: Yayuncun-亚运村
American-style bistro and cafe with good sandwiches, salads, burgers, soups, and baked goods. Their Cuban panini (RMB 42) is especially good, as is the Ahava classic burger (RMB 75 for a double patty, RMB 55 for a single patty) with their own burger sauce. Their cinnamon bun is also worth the trip to 798 alone! I saw that the 798 branch of Ahava is running a promotion leading up to the Pizza Fe

[CLOSED] 8-Bit
Location: Gulou / Beiluoguxiang / Jiugulou Dajie-鼓楼北锣鼓巷旧鼓楼大街
For lovers of retro/vintage computer and console games this video gaming bar is perfect for nostalgia. 8-Bit closed in January 2018. finally made it to the new 8 bits and i gotta admit it's a great location! upstairs is cozy despite some lighting issues and a nice rooftop. The drinks, however, are overpriced. at 50 rmb for a Gin and Tonic that has a tiny bit of gin.. for that price, at least mak

Location: Ritan Park and Yabao Lu-日坛公园雅宝路
A new club on the fifth floor of The Place, blessed with one of Beijing's loudest sound systems, top-class DJs to use it and an infinite amount of lights and mirrors. Had a really good night here, there's so much space for dancing here...great music and goodlooking people everywhere. We visited on the weekday when they have a open bar till 1am and it was busy and had lots of people dancing enjoy

[CLOSED] 2 Kolegas
Location: Liangma Qiao / Lufthansa Center Area-亮马桥燕莎桥
"Dos Kolegas," "Two Kolegas," "Two Good Friends" or "liangge hao pengyou"? No matter what you call it, this tiny bar lies deep in the heart of a drive-in complex and could be likened to your best friend's party basement - the friend whose parents were so cool that you could go over anytime, hang out, drink, smoke and play music for as long as you damn well pleased. And while your friend's parents

[Cclosed] Daily Bak
Location: Sanlitun-三里屯
Located in the east side of Shimao, next to popsicle/gelato shop Stickhouse Café, Daily Bak offers various sweet and savory breads, croissants, pretzels, and a bunch of pastries, including apple, almond, chestnut, and plum jam fillings (RMB 18-22). As for the sweets, skip the sad donuts and go for the chocolate muffins (RMB 28), pies (RMB 22), and sponge cakes instead. They also offer different b

Zuo Lin You She
Location: Art Museum (Meishuguan)-美术馆

Zuiyuefang Bar
Location: Gulou / Beiluoguxiang / Jiugulou Dajie-鼓楼北锣鼓巷旧鼓楼大街
Rock and folk bands every weekend.

Zuihong Lou
Location: Nanluoguxiang / Gulou Dongdajie-南锣鼓巷鼓楼东大街
Specializing in Taiwanese snacks and drinks this bar lacks the quirky originality that makes the likes of the nearby Pass By, Xiao Xing and Sandglass such hits. The owner is a friend of a friend. He and his wife came from Taiwan so I assume this should be the most authentic Taiwanese food in Beijing. Their Lu Rou Fan is super and it's NOTHING like bellagio/yipin sanxiao/any cheap roadside gaifa

Zui Chou
Location: Dongzhimenwai-东直门外 Wudaokou-五道口
Get your skewer fix at this small chain of tatami-filled yakatori shops. Choose from chicken skin, gizzards, BBQ beef, grilled eggplant, sake and more.

Zoomkids Photography Studio
Location: Sanlitun-三里屯

Zoom Club
Location: Houhai / Yandai Xiejie / Di'anmen-后海烟袋斜街地安门
The inheritor of Houhai Zoo hasn't changed much. Dig over forty shots from RMB 10, beer from RMB 10 (including a homemade brew), cocktails from RMB 20, and a nice balcony view of the neon termite mound that Houhai has become.

Zoo Yoo Beijing
Location: Gulou / Beiluoguxiang / Jiugulou Dajie-鼓楼北锣鼓巷旧鼓楼大街
Hotpot in a tent! What more do you need to know? Well, beyond the whacky, enticing concept, this restaurant sadly dissapoints in terms of actualy food quality and price (we paid RMB 238 for a plateful of meat and some veggies during a recent visit). Still, it's a unique dining expierience that's more than fun to try. Add the owner on Wechat at korea1789 to make a reservation and to place your ord

Zone Bar
Location: Houhai / Yandai Xiejie / Di'anmen-后海烟袋斜街地安门

Zoe's Cafe Bistro
Location: Wangfujing/Dongdan-王府井/东单
This Oriental Plaza cafe is a popular lunch spot for office workers seeking sandwiches, salads, pizza and coffee.

Zodiac Active
Location: Gulou / Beiluoguxiang / Jiugulou Dajie-鼓楼北锣鼓巷旧鼓楼大街
Sustainable active and daily wear for women.

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